Dadan tłumaczenia opinia RST
The company hires specialists who are familiar with IT terminology.
Aleksandra Kolasa
Dadan referencje z UMP
Every time, we are pleasantly surprised by the quality of their work, the speed, as well as friendly service.
Tomasz Fijołek
Dadan opinie Unit4
We can recommend DADAN bureau as a trusted business partner.
Agnieszka Jarząbek
Dadan opinie Wood and Company
All our commissions are completed in a timely manner.
Katarzyna Minda
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We are very satisfied.
Agata Podgajna
Dadan opinie TME
The texts are translated professionally and use specialist terminology.
Agnieszka Grzywacz
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Translations are completed in a professional and timely manner. We can recommend this company.
Joanna Majewska
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We highly recommend this partner for companies in the IT industry.
Magdalena Szubert
Dadan opinie Fluke
English to Polish revision has been fluent and of highest quality.
Bram van Steenbergen
Dadan opinie FEN
Dadan company promptly and professionally completed a commission to translate materials in 7 different languages to Polish.
Karol Kieżel
Dadan opinie EML
The translations are always received on time and are reliable and accurate.
Andrew Shephard
Dadan opinie BGŻ
The provider was professional and open to client’s needs.
Jacek Jackowski
Dadan opinie Beyond
Professionalism, meeting the deadlines, scrupulousness, and promptness.

What sets us apart?

From the very beginning, the philosophy of or company, founded by a programmer and electronic designer, who is also passionate about the language,
was to build a translation company that’s different from all the other translation bureaus full of humanists with no technical expertise.

We are certain you will find our services satisfactory. We can also guarantee that you won’t find another translation company in Poland
whose employees don’t need to be taught the differences between a varistor and a transistor or between polymorphism and encapsulation.

We have a stable team that quickly learns specific requirements of individual clients. Once you deliver your requirements
and preferences to us, we will always adhere to them.

Our proofreading team is led by Adam Bednarek, PhD, a linguist, a native speaker of English who has been living in Poland for many years.
He’s a dean at AHE University, and a former deputy dean at University of Lodz.
He is also an author of 20 publications and an expert in the field of translation.

We know our clients, we like them, and we are willing to jump through hoops to help them in need.

Thanks to this unique combination of technical and humanistic knowledge you will receive translations that are not only correct,
but also sound great in the target language.
This is extremely important because in the eyes of customers, the quality of texts you publish often directly correlates
with the quality of your products and services.

Finally, let us mention that a big part of our revenue comes from other translation companies
who turn to us and request help with texts they cannot handle themselves.

We believe that this fact is a self-explanatory recommendation.