Confidentiality of materials entrusted to us

top secret stamp

In general, we treat all materials provided by clients as confidential*.
We apply the same rule to any conversations, e-mails, or arrangements.
This is a matter of reputation, and we treat this very seriously.

However, you should remember that sending your materials via a common e-mail
is like sending them as a postcard. For hackers, capturing and reading such messages
is child’s play.

That is why we can only smile when our competitors declare
confidentiality, and yet accept files sent via e-mail, popular file sharing services,
or via a regular, unencrypted ftp server. And then they forward the materials to their subcontractors using the same methods.

Some also try to attract customers by offering lower prices. This usually comes from using public Machine Translation engines,
and the client is unaware that in such situations the content of their materials might be saved on a public server used
by automated translation engines, which means it is available and can be used by anybody translating similar texts.

That’s a problem, isn’t it?

This is how we work:

After re-considering, the majority of clients decide that their materials are not confidential
and do not require troublesome protection mechanisms. Regular e-mail is good enough.

However, if you want to make sure that your files are not leaked on their way to us and back, they can be sent
using a professional method commonly used by major companies. Just let us know.

To ensure that the materials and contents of our communication are not captured by unauthorised persons, instead of using a regular e-mail service,
you can deliver them to us using:
– PGP/GPG encrypted e-mail;
– S/MIME encrypted e-mail;
– our secured FTPS server;
– as the last resort, via common e-mail service as a zip archive protected by a strong password.

Whichever method you choose, we are here to assist you.

In addition, we declare that:
– all our associates are required to ensure confidentiality by the Polish Labour Code and contract of employment;
– all our subcontractors have agreed to ensure confidentiality by signing cooperation agreements with us;
– data (including e-mails) stored on our associates’ computers is encrypted, and we use encrypted hard drives;
– e-mails are downloaded from the server via an encrypted channel, and the encryption includes passwords;
– all hard drives of our CAT server as well as FTPS server are also encrypted;
– network connection between our associates’ computers and the servers above is via an encrypted channel,
and we’re the only ones who can access those servers;
– we only use such Machine Translation engines that guarantee confidentiality.

Has any other translation bureau ever made a similar declaration to you?
We look forward to potential cooperation with you!

* Due to the fact that any safeguards can be compromised by human error, software vulnerabilities discovered periodically, and advancements in the area of security breaches, even best efforts do not guarantee that the applied measures will always work as intended. Therefore, we limit our maximum liability to the amount of compensation for the translation task ordered.