MemoQ vs Trados vs WordFast


Legal Disclaimer: what you find below are author’s private opinions. His intention is NOT to advocate against any company or tool. Every professional translator needs to know how to use CAT tools. This is not a matter for any discussion. CAT tools not only speed up the translation process, but also ensure terminology and stylistic […]

First six months as a translator

Young man with a laptop

Six months ago, I became a professional translator. I work with the Polish-English language pair. I’m still a rookie, but over these past few months I have already learned a ton of new things. I’ll describe my first experiences — what really surprised me and what I think is important to focus on as a […]

On Proofreading

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Every professional translator is also a proofreader, as he or she must verify any text before sending it back to the customer. Such proofreading is quite demanding at the beginning, especially when you proofread your own texts. It’s not easy to re-read the finished text and spot all flaws, as you simply don’t see them. […]

The biggest pitfall of translators

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“You think you know but you have no idea…” I have been wondering this for a long time: what’s the biggest pitfall of translators? The first and most obvious answer that immediately comes to mind is “ignorance.” But is that really the case? I don’t think so. If you know that you don’t know something you […]

Useful excercises for translators

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As we all know, practice makes perfect. I personally believe that you can’t be a good translator until you translate a few million of words. This creates certain habits, gives you the chance to stumble across “critical” situations and forces you to find a solution, or makes you go through a fair amount of different […]

Five necessary skills of translators

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When thinking about a career in translations, many people have to answer the question of what skills are required to succeed. Is language proficiency enough? Or is there something else? Below, I briefly describe skills that in my opinion every professional translator needs to master. Critical thinking This skill is needed in numerous professions, but […]