1) Translation of entire websites, including WordPress pages
WordPress on its own does not offer the option to prepare several language versions of the website, but we have a great and very comfortable tool for that
– the WPML plugin.

2) Software and game localization
We’ve already localized both software from IT giants and popular games. Our team has extensive experience with that.

3) Translation of technical documentation (regardless of the level of difficulty), user manuals, marketing materials
We have been known for our quality and meeting deadlines, but above all for our ability to deal even with the most demanding specialist materials.

4) Proofreading, ICR and linguistic quality assurance
Clients (including other translation bureaus) regularly ask us to proofread translations they made themselves,
especially if the texts are particularly difficult due to their technical character or will be highly
exposed in customer materials. We also edit Machine Translations (MTPE).

5) DTP
We have our own DTP experts, so if you need a catalogue, manual or a PDF folder that’s ready for publishing,
we can deliver the translation in the form of a document that is ready to be shared online or printed.

6) Cultural consultations, support for exporters
We help companies expanding into new markets to verify whether their promotional materials are appropriate for a given target market, based on local customs;
Whether the name of their product may have any negative connotations;
Or whether the ad may sound unnatural or inappropriate, etc.

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