Oftentimes, one can stumble across the term ”localisation” connected with translation services, but not everybody knows the difference between those two processes. Let me try to shed some light on what localisation is, what skills it requires, and what advantages it can bring you. The first thing that should be said about localisation is the […]

Gaming market

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For many years, video games used to be considered something nerdy and childish. It was common for gamers to be frowned upon and ridiculed for their hobby. This still happens sometimes, admittedly, but things have definitely changed a lot in the last 20 years. Video games have now become mainstream. Playing them is no longer […]

Total fail of machine translation in case of Polish

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Machine translation keeps getting better. You might think that its development poses a threat to professional translators. I believe that translators of the Polish language have nothing to worry about: automatic translation mechanisms still cannot handle the Polish language. Want to see some examples that support my claim? Here you go: Children are so pig-headed […]

Translation – creative or not?

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Is the process of translation creative or not? There is no obvious answer to this question. On the one hand, you could argue that translation is not creative since a translator does not literally create new content from scratch. Their work is always based on the work of others. Some might even claim that translators […]

Translator or Dictionary?

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Recently, I have been asked to translate the English word “potluck” into Polish. My response was that I do not know such word, which is basically true. The asker was authentically amazed. “How come? You’re a translator, aren’t you?”. Well, I am a translator, but that does not mean that I am a walking dictionary. […]

Machine LQA

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Quite often, customers treat translations of their materials with neglect, as a “necessary evil”. They realise that it is needed, but they don’t think of it as something worth their time. As a result, they commission this to translation agencies, and the number one priority is the price. This in turn results in a situation […]